Alphabetical Employee Listing
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Employee Listing by Section/Branch
 Section/TeamPhone Number
Front Desk/Security Guard984-236-5399
DMH Main Phone Number984-236-5000
Office of the Chief Operating Officer 
Policy and Program Design984-236-5004
Community Engagement & Empowerment984-236-5005
System Performance984-236-5006
Office of Chief Medical Officer 
Office of Chief Financial Officer984-236-5008
Community MH984-236-5050
        Community MH Adult Mental Health984-236-5050
        Community MH Child Mental Health984-236-5050
Community Wellness, Prevention & Health Integration 
Drug Control 984-236-5100
        Addictions/OTP Team 
        Addictions/SOR Team 
        Addictions/Special Populations 
Transitioning Populations 
        Transitioning Populations/Community Prefrence Populations 
        Transition Populations/Housing 
LME/MCO Liaisons 
Systems Advocacy 
Quality Management984-236-5200
Program Integrity 
Financial Audit 
Information Systems984-236-5230
Community Engagement & Empowerment 
Miltary & Veterans Services984-236-5243
Field Team 
Transition Populations/Justice984-236-5260
Legislative & Regulatory Affairs 
Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review 
Customer Rights984-236-5300
Human Resources 984-236-5320
DMH/DSOHF IT984-236-5330
Contracts & Grants 
Budget & Finance